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Prinzenbar im Docks Hamburg
Hamburgische Kulturstiftung
Jurymember of the ZKB Sponsorship award Zürcher Theaterspektakel
Assisting at Thalia Theater, State Opera Hamburg and Volksbühne Berlin
presskit upon request
(e.g. NZZ, Tagesanzeiger Zürich, Linke Blättchen,TAZ, Die Welt, Hamburger Abendblatt, Bild, Mopo)


documentary (pre-pro)

Searching for the positive in the catastrophe.
Life – an oxymoron?

photo: Christina Seeland


feature film (pre-pro)

An introspecting cinematic body of sound.

photo: 3D-Animation Daniel Friese


Music-Video-Teaser: Total Harmonic Distortion & Noise

Elektro, Visuals, Noise with Live-Drums & Bass auf der M.S. Stubnitz Hamburg.

photo: Björn Cloppenburg

Would you rather be dead?

A documentary about what makes life worth living.

Filmfest Hamburg 2010
Kasseler Dokfest
Ojai Filmfestival California, USA
Gold Panda Award China international TV Festival, Sichuan
Nomination Northgerman Filmprice
German Television Award
Audio Film Award 2016

poster: Christina Seeland

NONAMÉ – the white tale

based on Astrid Lindgrens „Spelar min lind, sjunger min näktergal“.

A stranger mixes up a social structure.
Dance meets drama and sound.

Theater der Künste Zurich 2005

photo: AMRA

NONAMÉ – the black tale

based on Astrid Lindgrens „Spelar min lind, sjunger min näktergal“.

A stranger mixes up a social structure.
Dance meets drama and sound.

Kampnagelfabrik Hamburg 2002

photo: Lou Dick

NONAMÉ – the black tale


photo: Lou Dick


Friedrich Schiller danced

Luise and Ferdinand between style and charm of the ban.
Breakdance, Housemusic and dance replace text.

Hamburger Kammerspiele:  Theater Festival „Die Wüste lebt“ 1999
resumptions at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Knust, Prinzenbar im Docks

photo: Jens Beckmann


Dance theatre by Christina Seeland

Choreographic theater about the foreign and the same.
Youth theater at Malersaal Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg 1999

photo: Jens Beckmann


based upon Myron Levoys „Alan & Naomi“

A story about trauma and friendship.
Youth theater at Malersaal Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg 1998

poster: Christina Seeland

Christina Seeland

born 1973, studied directing at the Institut für Film & Theater Hamburg in the class of Jürgen Flimm.

She worked in industrial kitchens, assembly line production, with severely ill people, firstgraders, youth and horses; as a lector and for the radio; with Niklaus Helbling as “Joey the eye” in `Präriepriester´; was an assistant to Johann Kresnik, Gottfried Helnwein and intern to Pina Bausch.

Seeland wrote stage versions of Myron Levoy’s „Der gelbe Vogel“ and Astrid Lindgren’s „Klingt meine Linde“, deleted all but one sentence of Schiller’s „cabal and love “ for the stage, and received a broadcasting commitment still without a production company for her documentary film treatment „Wärst Du lieber tot?“, which she also co-produced.

In the last ten years, Seeland has also documented her experiences on the subject of healing, calendar claims and survival in German dental practices after her own severe poisoning. Referring to that she works on a book with the title TRUST – an unscientific experiential process. Seeland lives in Schleswig Holstein and in particular works as a painter and drummer under pseudonym.


A long-term experience report through countless healing methods, detoxification and survival in German dental practices (including book, product and practice recommendation)

Fotos von Christina Seeland